Armrest done

Finally it’s complete!

After a short break the armrest for the right elbow is done!

First I milled and filed the front of the body to it’s final shape.

It got a small angle on the backside and then I could weld the mounting plate to it.
My first idea was to do only some tack welds but I changed my mind mid-job and that’s why the beads look that terrible.
But everything holds – and that’s the most important thing 🙂

Next step of course – the “paint booth” 🙂

While the paint dried I did a first try for the cushion – packaging foam covered in fake leather.
Sadly everything only fit until I put it on the bowed surface, then it started to wrinkle.
I will have to do this again.

Everything painted

Ready for assembly:

Instead of reprinting the red part again to fit into the body I just added a piece of scrap rube I had to push against the mounting plate – works perfectly.

I’m really satisfied how it turned out, except of the cushion – there will be some tries until I get it right.

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  1. Tomasz

    I’m on a different topic. If that’s not a problem.
    In 2019 you did MFD. I wanted to ask about electronics. Did you buy this electronics together with an LCD screen? (VGA monitor board)
    And what kind of converter is this?

    1. michi

      My screens were the whole package, board, converter, screen and control panel.
      I’m not sure, which converter, it’s buried inside some cases at the moment.
      But since my right console will be finished soon, the next steps are some parts on the ACES-II and then I’ll redo the instrument panel.
      That means, I will have to find out, if those boards and screen still work 😉

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