Fuel Quantity Indicator done

Another instrument finished.

After a longer break I managed to finish the FQTI und do some small changes to the original design.

The faceplate gets mounted to the LEDplate with 2 bolts, this way all the inner parts can be mounted together as one.
This change required a new faceplate that included the holes for the screws.

Instead of doing the PCB for the MAX7219 LED chip by myself, I decided to go the same route as with the altimeter and reuse an available LEDMatrix PCB.

The new PCB changed positions with the servos and is no located at the end, the housing itself had to be a bit longer than before.

Backlighting is not 100% perfect, but nevertheless I’m really satisfied with it.

I checked the functionality of the dials and the display with a small test program – works perfectly!

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