The following publications were my main sources of information about the F-16, where I got measurements from as well as knowledge of the functions of the internal systems.

DaCo F-16 DACO Publications
uncovering the Lockheed Martin F-16 A/B/C/D
ISBN: 90-806747-1-0
Lockon Verlinden Publications
Lock On No. 2
ISBN: 90-70932-03-2
Aerograph Aerofax, Inc.
AeroGraph 1
ISBN: 0-942548-01-9
Awareness General Dynamics
F-16/F-110-GE-100 Pilot Awareness Program
F-16 Fighting Falcon Airlife Publishing Ltd.
Robbie Shaw, F-16 Fighting Falcon
ISBN: 0-7603-0264-2
VITS McGraw-Hill
Vipers in the Storm
ISBN: 0-07-134670-8
F-16 Manual U.S. Airforce
T.O. 1F-16C-1 Flight Manual
Techbook General Dynamics
F-16 Technical Manuals
Fighterwing Wilhelm Heyne Verlag
Tom Clancy, Fighter Wing
ISBN: 3-453-14132-6
Electrical Techbook General Dynamics
F-16 Training Manual, Electrical Assembly Handbook
Checklist RNLAF
T.O. 1F-16A-1CL-1 RNLAF, Original Checklist