Status Update May 2024

Quite some work has been done.

I’ve been working on different things simultaneously, depending on my time in the workshop.
Although I don’t like to get sidetracked, there are times when it’s better to work on multiple things than to work on nothing at all.


I finished most of the electronic parts for the RightAUX.

The Arduino control board with the wiring harness for all instruments

Mounted on the RAUX and the whole assembly in it’s natural habitat 😉

ACES II Arming Lever Mechanism

The arming lever is held in it’s 2 positions through a cam mechanism that gives a really nice snap when activating the microswitch

Panel Building

Quite a lot has happened on the panel front.

  • I started making my own backlit knobs for the panels. 3D printed (0,08mm layer height), 2 coats of white, 2 black, 2 grey, 2 clear coats.
    They look really great for FDM printed parts, even the backlighting works great.

  • work on the panels themselves also has continued, the left console lightplates are all done, only the cnc machined backplates are missing (3d pinted placeholders for the moment).

  • the lightplates on the left console are also getting more and more 🙂

  • Finally my JayEl-indicator-clones are looking quite ok and working perfectly



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