Right Sidewall Cover

To hide the mounting rail for the armrests I needed a sidewall cover.

The mounting rails still will need to be designed but when everything is done, it should be covered like in the real jet.

Based on my console CAD drawings I also designed the cover in CAD. Since it’s much bigger than my 3d printer can handle, I cut it into 8 parts which got printed each on it’s own.

First test, tape holding everything together 🙂

Of course a fitting test is necessary, otherwise I would have to redesign it.

All parts got glued together with 2-component epoxy – holds really well!

I first tried to fill all gaps with spray filler, but the ones between the parts were too big.
So those got treated with some regular putty filler.

Sanded down.

Then I did another coat of spray filler and wet sanded everything with 600grit.

Finally 2 layers of grey spray paint and the cover is done.

I still need the holes on the armrest positions and there will be LED strips mounted as floodlights.


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