Welcome at f16simulator.net

This homepage is intended as a presentation of my project – a flightsimulator based on a 1:1 cockpitreplica of the F-16 Falcon – and also give other pitbuilders ideas, tips&tricks and hopefully motivation for their own projects.

Have fun browsing the page!

Michi “MiHi” Hirczy

  • DIY USB Wheel 02
    After finishing most of the design work I started with programming the firmware and building a first prototype out of Plywood.
  • DIY USB Wheel 01
    For quite some time I wanted to build a complete GT3-style steering wheel which could be used on any wheelbase.
  • Racingrig 09 Status 01-2021
    I made quite a lot of modification on the racing seem last year, but didn’t document everything properly – I like racing in it too much :D. Now it’s time to describe all the changes I’ve done.
  • DIY Buttonplate for the Fanatec UniversalHub
    For quite some time I have been driving with my Fanatec CSL Elite and the default wheel. But I wanted to have a bit more racing like wheel and I found a nice Sparco P104 Limite clone.
  • Racingrig – Tactile Feedback
    A more detailed report about my bass shaker configuration.