MapBox done really fast

Because of illness I concentrated on 3D printed things.

In the week before Christmas i was quite impacted by the flu, so I concentrated on working in CAD and 3D print some parts.
The final cover on the right console missing was the MapBox, a part that holds paper maps and other small parts.

As always here a picture of the original part from

Designing the box was a real challenge, since the original part does not end at the sidewall but reaches into the space of the ejection seat.
But my sim has got a wall on the ejection seat part that sits flush with the console wall and so I couldn’t build it with the original width and had to fit the whole box into the small place I got left.

So most of the work was done in CAD, once the design was done everything went quite fast.
For me the box is mainly used as cover so my part is not real box but open at the bottom. If I really want to use it as box I can just design and print the bottom part and I’m done.
Also I left out quite some details to make my parts easier to print.

The original MapBox is designed in a really interesting way – the lidlock holds the lid to the main body and there’s a velcro strip on the lock to avoid moving it accidentally.

This is how my parts look after printing.
I’m using 1mm wire as hinge and the lock is mounted to the lid with a 2mm bold and nut.

Of course a testfitting hat to be done – everything works perfectly.

After the test I started painting.

Even with paint on it still fit 😀

Now all small cover on the right console are done – and I’m really, really satisfied  🙂


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