Wristrest done

The rest for the right wrist is finally complete!

Because the 3dprinted prototype looks strong enough to me it’s going to be promoted to final part 🙂
A bit of spraypaint an it looks much better.

Now I needed to build the mount for it.
The original one can be rotated and fixed in 2 positions so I wanted to implement that for my version also.

Everything is welded from 4mm steel plates (a few tack welds create enough stability and make changes, if needed, easier)

The upper arm got a 5,5mm hole for the rotation axis (like the wristrest itself) and a M4 threaded hole for the fixation pin – a 4mm bolt where I turned the front down to 2,5mm
This bolt also avoids lifting the rest too much.

An M8 bold is used as axis of rotation. It’s been turned down to 5,5mm except the last 5mm of the thread, which will be used to screw it to the bottom arm.

At the dry tests everything worked out perfectly.

Of course everything got a niece coat of grey paint after welding.

Once I find the final position I will be able to mount the outboard rail where the wristrest gets mounted to.



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