Right Consolecovers done

The right sidewall is now (nearly) without holes.

Even when there’s only little time in the workshop things can get done 😉

Although the sidewall of the right console has been finished, the gaps between the console frame and the wall looked terrible.

While building the sidewall I already printed the first covers and testmounted them.

These parts are really flimsy, they are just held on to the frame by magnets but that’s enough for the job they are designed for.

At the end of the console is the utility light which is needed in the “cold&dark” cockpit – without it there’s no other light inside the cockpit until one of the generators comes on.
But this utility light is way too heavy for those printed part which would have moved every time the light gets plugged out of it’s mount.

So I took a small aluminium angle bracket I had, cut 4 threads and this bracket gets screwed to the frame.

All parts painted and ready for mounting.

And now everything looks waaaaaaaaay better 🙂

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