Wrist Rest – the Prototype

To support the right wrist there is a rest directly behind the Joystick.

The whole part can be rotated inwards/outwards and is mounted to the right sidewall.
Front part is the wrist rest, back part the arm rest for the ellbow.

(c) Martin Schmitt, xflight.de

I designed all the parts in FreeCAD

and then 3D printed everything.

It’s a very simple setup – the outer part (right) slides on the inner part, both M8 screws hold them together and the M6 screw and the knob are responsible for the height adjustment.
Sadly I didn’t have a 70mm screw to reach all the way down but it’s enough for the prototype.

Inside the knob I inserted an M6 nut during the print which lets the screw do the height adjusment.

All parts are printed in PLA, 70% infill and 4 walls, stability looks good so far.
The arm itself flexes a bit but nothing too critical.
To make everything strong enough I printed both main parts on their side which needed quite some support material for the outer part. Removing this was quite a pain in the a.. 😉

Nevertheless the prototype can be called a success, height adjustment works as intended, although the small pitch of the M6 screw needs quite a lot of rotations.

I will do some tests for the strength of it and then decide, if I’m using it as it is or if I fabricate one out of steel.

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