New RightAUX Instruments

The hardware of PFLD and EPU FUEL are done

The PFLD (Pilot Fault List Display) consists of a 3.2″ OLED display, the mounting bracket, the frontplate and some 5-to-3.3.V converter electronics.

Everything just gets together very thightly, so there is no need to use any screws except the ones that hold the mounting bracket to the console.

When buidling my RAUX console 19 years ago I didn’t have all the correct measurements, so my CautionPanel and PFLD sit too high.
That’s why I have to position the compass mount also a bit higher to make place for the PFLD.

I’m not sure if I’m going to rework the whole console again, but usually that shouldn’t be too much work (famous last words :-D)

The EPU Fuel gauge hardware has also been done, I just have to solder the backlighting LEDs and the steppermotor to the connectors. Then it’s just the configuration of BMSAIT left.

I tried something new on the connection between the 2mm needle and 1mm motor shaft and designed and printed a small coupling for it.
That makes assembly and maintenance much easier without too much force on the motor shaft (it doesn’t like it).

Hull and inside parts have a really, really tight fit, so I just kept it the way it was, without any possibility to mount the inside to the hull.

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