CautionPanel done

Everything is soldered and working.

After I finished the hardware part I finally managed to do the cabling.

First all LEDs got a cable to one pin then the cables got cut and soldered to the pin header.

Before adding the heat shrinking I tested if I accidentally created some shorts while soldering.
Finally everything got screwed together and I did a test run.

At the first test I got a little shock – LED No.1 (“SEAT NOT ARMED”) didn’t light up.
I had to resolder one of the pins which got loose when soldering the cable.

But then came the big moment of lighting up the whole panel.

The lower displays are a bit darker because I screwed up when lasering those. It’s much more pronounced on the picture than in real life, so I will keep them that way for the moment.

And that’s how it looks “in action”:



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