Start of the right console rework

After the left side work continues on the right one.

Just like the left console the right is completely made out of wood.

During the build I had to make some compromises because the PCB of my FCC(stick) is much bigger than the original one:

Because of this I was forced to modify the panels on the side of the FCC, since there was less space than usual.
The picture below shows the modified SNSPWR panel, which I had to do vertically instead of horizontally like the panels below it.

So I decided to rebuild the whole FCC-mount from steel, which should shrink it a bit and also have a look if I can also resize the PCBmount to gain some space.

First of all the current construction had to be disassembled so I could take the needed measurements from the FCC.

The original diameter of the FCC is 86mm, but after using 2 wooden blocks to mount the part in my mill I could reduce the width to 81mm.

Having the needed dimensions I was going to design the new mount in FreeCAD – as usual.

The main structure is made from welded, 3mm steel plates which should make everything sturdy enough.
In the new version just the upper part housing the FCC is a bit wider, the rest will have the original with of the F-16 SCC.

A 3D printed hull for the roundings and the transition from the short to the wider part will be screwed to the main structure.

And that’s how it hopefully will look with FCC and stick mounted 🙂

I also managed to start working on the other structure parts, half of the angle brackets have been drilled and tapped.

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