New Throttlemount

Until now the throttle has been mounted to a piece of wood which made the whole thing quite flimsy.

Additionally it was a pain in the b..t to set height and distance to the throttleplate perfectly.
So I had to build something sturdier which also makes adjusting the position easier.

The first thing to do was to unmount and disassemble the old unit.

Next I replaced my old gripadapter with a 3d printed one. It also has the cutoff-release lever to restrict moving the throttle into the cutoff position and power off the engine accidentially.

To make mounting and positioning easier I used my experience of building the simrig and used some of my 2020 Aluminium profiles.
Together with a 3D printed mountingplate everything is much sturdier than the wooden thing.

Inside the sim itself I used some small cutoff parts to create the possibility to adjust height and position.

After some finetuning everything fit and the throttle moves perfectly inside the guiderail, afterburner and cutoff-release are working without issues.

And here’s a video of the building process

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  1. Humberto

    Very good your work, how did you solve the wiring problem?
    Please would it be possible for you to share these STL files and the measurements of the 2020 aluminum profile.
    Thanks,for the video, I’ll subscribe to your channel!

    1. michi

      Hi, Humberto, sorry for missing your posting!

      Although already answered on Youtube, I’ll write it again for other readers 🙂

      I cut all the wires of the Cougar, lengthened it and connected everything again with screw terminals. This way I was able to change it again.
      The STL of the mount is available on Facebook’s “F-16 – Cockpit Builders” group, but it’s too weak, I’m going to post an update with the new steel mount.

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