The flightsim is starting again!

Due to FS2020 and DCS World I got hooked to flightsimming again and want to reactivate my cockpit to full operational status.

To make this possible I have to do quite some work I will do step by step and post here.
First things have already been done:

  • The GammaRay256 inputboard has been cleaned and tested – looks like it’s still working ok 🙂
    TestbedGammaRay chaos
  • I 3Dprinted a new throttlegrip adapter which now also features the safetypin. To change it I will have to remove the whole throttle assembly. During this work I will also fix the whole assembly mount which is a bit wobbly at the moment.
  • I’m going to rewire all panels so that each an every switch or light will be connected but this way I’m running out of inputs on my GammaRay. So I will change the DIY MFDs to the Thrustmaster MFDs and I already did the firmware for one of my Teensy++2.0 which will make my ICP a standalone USB-Device (Github). This will free up more than 70 inputs on the Gammaray.
  • Mounting the new MFD assemblies will require a rework of the centerconsole so that everything fit’s again.
  • For flying the F-18 in DCS I found a uses Warthog base to mount my stick to. The base itself will need a mounting position between the ejection seat and teh center console.

All in all it’s quite a lot to do until I will be able to fly again in the cockpit.

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