DIY USB Wheel 04

Building continues…

Since the last update I have managed to finish some more things.

The wheelplate can be considered done.

Wrapping the grips with leather was relatively easy to do. I’m using some kind of “Fake-Alcantara-Sticker” which is very thing and has a sticky surface at the back.
Using it on bigger parts is working great, but on the small radii of the grips I had to add contact cement to keep the leather on the grips – not a big deal.

Also the position- and safetycaps for the buttons have been printed and mounted.

At last I used my “Brother-Armada” to create all the stickers on the front: Colour Laser Printer and ScanNcut Plotter for the rotary sticker, my PTouch for all the labels on the buttons. I’m really satisfied how it turned out.

The next step was finishing the rotary caps.
To avoid using the setscrews directly in the 3D printed plastic I already designed the caps with aluminum inserts, so nothing gets damaged too easily.
The caps themselves have been done quite some time ago, now I was able to also finish the inserts.

Here’s the already milled block of an insert, 11x8x7mm:

After the holes for the shaft and setscrew have been drilled and tapped, all the parts together:

The inserts have been glued in and the setscrews inserted:

Finally, I added some coloured touches with some positioning stripes painted in acrylics and finally sealed with clear matte spraypaint:

The shifters for changing gears are also done except the missing microswitches. As soon as I soldered on the cable onto the switches, both will be mounted to the backplate.
I still have the plan to make the shifters out of aluminium with my own design but to make the wheel functional as soon as possible I decided to use the 3D printed design for the moment.


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  1. Denis

    Looking good!👌🏼

    1. michi

      Thx! I’m hoping to finish it in the next weeks…

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