MFDs assembled

At last all parts for the compact MFDs are done.

After a small modification to my 3D-printer the parts came out of it like I expected 🙂

Now everything left to do was the assembly of all the parts:

Although there were small problems – like a screw which was too long – assembly was done in a few minutes!

The FreeCAD files and ready-to-print-STL files are available for free on my github
Here’s a short video of the assembly:

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  1. Ryan Taylor

    can you email me back, please? thanks!!

  2. john

    where is the stl ???

    1. michi

      Linked in the last paragraph…

  3. Russ

    Where i can buy this monitor and board?

    1. michi

      I don’t think those are available anymore, they are quite old.
      You can get 5″ HDMI monitors quite cheap now.
      Just edit the CAD files so it fits.

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