New Pedalmount

After 10 years of a “temporary” solution, it’s been time to rework the pedalmount.

The current solution stopped the pedals from shifting side to side and back to front. But when I wanted to activate the wheelbrakes the whole thing tilted back.
While the simulator is disassembled anyway, I’ll use the change to rework the whole nosesection so it can be tucked away while working on other things.

That’s how the pedal mount looked until now:

The angle brackets that hold the pedals are already dismounted on the picture.

Specifications for the new mounting plate are:

  1. Pedals shall be mounted sturdily without any movement.
  2. Positioning of the pedals (front/back) shall be possible.

So I looked into my material bin and found those basics:

The old angle brackets are already mounted on the board to keep the pedals from moving left/right.
Both drawer runners will make the positioning possible and the 2 bars will be the new mounting plates.

Back/Forth-movement will be denied whith 4 knobs on the runners, which include a screw to mount the tilting-brakes:

On the backside of the mounting plate an anglebracket with equally spaced holes (where the locking pin will fit) has been mounted.

That’s how it looks at the moment – wooden parts are painted and fixing-block and fixing-bracket fit together very nicely.

Next step: mechanism to move the fixing-pin.

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