Compact MFDs

Until now the MFDs, monitors and the electronics for them have been mounted seperately on the middle console.To make working on it easier, I decided to move all parts into one, which can then be mounted on the console.

On days without enough time to go to the workshop I started FreeCAD, designed a 2-part mount and did a fast prototype with my 3D-printer.

Backrow from the left: monitor, controller card, button panel and converter
Frontrow: TM MFD, monitor-holder, board-holder (which also holds the monitor in place)

The monitor-mount is screwed to the MFDs.

The monitor itself is just pushed in – it’s a perfect tight fit!

The screws also double as mouting screws for the boardholder. This pushes the monitor against the MFD and keeps it from falling out.

At last the 3 boards are mounted to the boardholder.

With this first prototype I made some mistakes on the mounting holes for the boards. The new version fixed this already.

Here’s the sandwich-buildup:

The monitor-holder will be thicker when printed completely of course.

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