Workshop Update

Last year I began to redesign my workshop, because I started to get a bit more into woodworking and the 23 sqaremeter are quite small, so I had to think it through.
My wife then told me to move the electronics bench to another room in the basement, so I got more room for metal and woodworking.

Here’s the plan I did in Sketchup:

The left side will be used for metal work and regular other tasks on the long workbench.
On the right side is the woodworking side.
The big space on the left has been “designed” with the pit in mind – the whole simulator could be assembled there and be worked on, but most of the time, I will just move the part I’m working on in there (side consoled, nose, center console…)

The long workbench (2,40m) with all the regular handtools needed day by day:

Drill press, metal lathe and minimill (yet to be assembled):

Workbench on wheels, metal bandsaw (hidden behind worbench) and metal storage on the walls:

Woodworking side with the tablesaw right in the center. The dust collector has been moved to the rightside wall and in it’s place there’s a bandsaw now.

Wood storage and a small workbench for sharpening tools, …

I had the plan to build a Roubostyle woodworkbench by myself, but got this woodworkbench for a _REALLY_ nice price, I just couldn’t say no.
On the back all the handtools (powered and non-powered)

That’s it for today.
Still most of my free time goes to my kids, but there are still plans and todos for the sim in my head 🙂

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