New Simputer

After 6 years a new simputer was obtained – the old one was not able to give a smooth flying feeling.

Since I don’t plan to buy a new rig in the next years, I decided to get something more “high-end”ish.

  • ASUS P5B Motherboard (front left)
  • Intel Core2Duo E6600 2.4GHz CPU (front right)
  • 2GB Kingston DDR2-800 RAM (rear right)
  • Sapphire x1950pro GraphicsCard (rear left)

  • beQuiet StraightPower 500W Powersupply
  • Samsung SpinPoint P80SD 80GB HD (System and Programms)
  • Samsung SpinPoint T133 400GB HD (Simulations)
  • Samsung SH-S183SA S-ATA DVD/RW
  • Coolermaster Centurion5 Case

The new computer gives A LOT more performance than the old.
In comparison: The old is somewhere below the 25fps line, the new one between the yellow and green…

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