Monitors for the MFDs

Today I got my 2nd 6,5″ TFT VGA Monitor for my MFDs! The package also included the missing inverter of the first one. I couldn’t wait to test the whole thing.

I connected everything as seen above, turned on the power – NOTHING 🙁
Just like so often, something didn’t work ok (and which of the parts is making this “bbsssss” sound?).
Ok, turn of the power, check everything again…
After I put the connector on the inverter _COMPLETELY_ the next test: power on, no “bbsssss” anymore – PUUUUH…
Nevertheless, no picture on the monitor 🙁

I tested everything with the 2nd monitor and equipment – everything is working perfectly!. After I connected the first monitor to the components of the 2nd package and everything worked ok, I thought again about checking all connections on my first attempt *G*.
Now everything is working fine!

Sine there is no MFD-Data available in Falcon:AlliedForce, I will either use F4Glass or FalconGauges to display the information which is missing on the HUD: RWR and HSI.

The first test with F4Glass’ RWR was astonishing. Sharp and clear picture, thanks to the VGA input. Sadly the sharpness of the picture can not be reproduced on the photo:

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