FAST (FAlcon-Sioc-Transfer) is a tool, which enables the powerful IO-Card system from to access data of Falcon. The data is read at the computer where Falcon is running, and sent through the network to the SIOC software by OpenCockpits.

This way it is easy to control all the hardware supported by the IO-Cards (LEDs, 7-segment-displays, servo motors…) for your F-16 simulator. Although FAST is mainly designed for Falcon:AlliedForce, Falcon BMS support is also built-in, but not fully tested.

Since BMS is actually the best version of Falcon, I’m planning to upgrade FAST in the near future.


If you never have installed FAST, you should download the full installation version (actually V0.94):


To upgrade to the newest version, you can download the smaller package (just copy the .exe to the old installation directory):




  • Wheel-Lights changed for AF 1.09


  • GearLights are updated, dependend on AF gear position values
  • Support for BMS/FF implemented
  • TFRSTDBY lightbit included (not available in AF)
  • variables “courseState” and “headingState” added (variables 69 and 70)
  • Bits in ConsoleLights added: NOGO, GO, DISPENSE RDY from CMDS panel
  • Bugfix – STORESCONFIG is available now


  • own light values added

V0.91 – First release