The journey continues

Long time no update on this website – I had too many other things in my mind (family, work and other hobbies).
That changed some weeks ago, when my 6-year old daughter decided she wanted to try out the simulator.

Although the sim hasn’t been connected and I just moved the consoles closer together she had a lot of fun flying around.
So I decided to reactivate the simulator again.

But there are some changes and modifications to do, which I haven’t been able to do for quite some time. That shouldn’t take too long and everything will be in flying status soon.

The first 2 modifications I will cocentrate on first are:

  1. Mounting of the pedals has to be changed
  2. The selfmade MFDs will be replaced by the Thrustmaster MFDs, which have been waiting for their turn for 10 years 😉

That should create a fly-able condition of the sim and other modifications will not require too much disassembly of the simulator.

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